Gold Plated Bhumba Set | Buddhist Ritual Items

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Bhumba Set, Plated With Gold

The Bhumba Set is made up of bronze with gold plated. We have created this absolutely magnificent sterling silver Dragon Bhumba Set. The dragon handle is inlaid with gold – as is the bhumba lid. The body of the teapot is circled by the Buddhist sacred Eight Auspicious Symbols, crafted in silver: Endless Knot, Lotus Flower, Dhvaja (banner), Dharmacakra (fly-whisk), Bumpa, Golden Fish, Parasol, and Conch. 

There are two kinds of bhumba: the main vase, and the activity vase. The main vase is usually placed in the center of the mandala, while the activity vase is placed on the Lama's table and is used by the ritual specialist, during rituals and empowerments.


Size: 23cm/9 " (Height) x 15cm /5.9" (Base)
Weight: 2.174 kg (approximately)