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Showing 1 - 24 of 3260 products
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Miniature Buddhist Stupa
Miniature Buddhist Stupa | Buddhist Art | Ritual Items
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Round Jewelry Box
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Vintage Rice Offering Bowl
Vintage Rice Offering Bowl | Filigree Inlays Original Gemstones | Tibetan Antiques
Sale price$12,622.50 Regular price$14,850.00
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Copper Guru Rinpoche Statue
Copper Guru Rinpoche Statue | Buddhist Art Decor
Sale price$175.56 Regular price$292.60
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Statue Display Stand
Statue Display Stand | Statue Stand For Home Decor | Buddhist Home Altar
Sale price$292.50 Regular price$450.00
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Buddhist Ashtamangala Set
Buddhist Ashtamangala Set | Ritual Object | Vintage Souvenir
Sale price$2,354.50 Regular price$2,770.00
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Horse Incense Burner
Horse Incense Burner | Handcrafted Nepalese Artifacts | Gift For Buddhist
Sale price$871.20 Regular price$1,089.00
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Lord Maitreya Buddha Statue
Lord Maitreya Buddha Statue | Vintage Decorative | Zen Home Decor
Sale price$272.00 Regular price$320.00
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Serkyem Offering
Serkyem Offering | Himlayan Art Work
Sale price$318.75 Regular price$375.00
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Handmade Mandala Set
Handmade Mandala Set | 24K Gold Plating
Sale price$483.00 Regular price$690.00
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Ritual Offering Mandala Set
Ritual Offering Mandala Set | Traditional Architecture
Sale price$504.00 Regular price$720.00
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Newari Puja Mandala Set
Newari Puja Mandala Set | Buddhist Ritual Items |
Sale price$499.80 Regular price$714.00
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Ornate Silver Mandala
Ornate Silver Mandala | Buddhist Ritual Offering | Religious Home Decor
Sale price$1,428.00 Regular price$2,040.00
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Copper Mandala Set
Copper Mandala Set | Silver Plated | Tibetan Treasures
Sale price$642.60 Regular price$918.00
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Ritual Offering Set
Ritual Offering Set | Buddhist Ritual Item | Art and Craft
Sale price$844.20 Regular price$1,206.00
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Tea Set
Tibetan Tea Pot | Religious Tea Pot | Hancarved Altar
Sale price$605.31 Regular price$931.25
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Vintage Tea Pot
Tea Pot | Handcarved Tea Pot | Religious Decor
Sale price$731.25 Regular price$1,125.00
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Buddhist Butter Lamp
Buddhist Butter Lamp | Ritual Items | Handmade Vintage Lamp
Sale price$267.75 Regular price$315.00
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Himalayan Buddhist Bhumba
Himalayan Buddhist Bhumba | Ritual Vase | Water Offering Vase
Sale price$722.50 Regular price$850.00
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Nepali Ratna Mandala
Nepali Ratna Mandala | Religious Artifacts | Vajrayana Art
Sale price$571.20 Regular price$816.00
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Ratna Mandala
Silver Ratna Mandala | Handmade with Original Stone Inlays | Zen Room Decor
Sale price$3,549.00 Regular price$5,070.00
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mandala wall art
Mandala Wall Art | Asthamartika | Buddhist Vintage Decor
Sale price$4,309.20 Regular price$6,156.00
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Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Decor
Decorative Statue of Shakyamuni Buddha | Arts and Crafts Vintage
Sale price$170.00 Regular price$200.00
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