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6mm Rosewood Mala Beads
6mm Rosewood Mala Beads | Spiritual Meditation Tool
Sale price$76.50 Regular price$90.00
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Silver Round Bangle
Silver Round Bangle | Delicate Statement Piece for Everyday
Sale price$114.75 Regular price$135.00
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Tibetan Mandalas Set
Tibetan Mandalas Set | Sacred Symbols in Circular Bliss
Sale price$174.25 Regular price$205.00
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Hanging Oil Lamp
Hanging Oil Lamp | Captivating Light for Any Space
Sale price$208.25 Regular price$245.00
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Hand craved Ritual Shankha
Handcraved Ritual Shankha | Sacred Conch Shell for Ceremonies
Sale price$250.75 Regular price$295.00
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Jasper Pendant
Jasper Pendant | Delicate Stone Jewelry Creation
Sale price$110.50 Regular price$130.00
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Gemstones Vajra and Bell
Gemstones Vajra and Bell | Elevate Your Meditation & Rituals
Sale price$867.00 Regular price$1,020.00
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Deity Copper Mandala Lotus Flower
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Tibetan Bodhisattva Copper Statue Set
Tibetan Bodhisattva Copper Statue Set | Elegant Spiritual Decor for Altar
Sale price$2,316.25 Regular price$2,725.00
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Traditional Tibet Earrings With Turquoise | Om Mani Padme Hum Inlay Earrings
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Jetsun Milarepa Thangka
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Tibetan Brass Serkyem
Tibetan Brass Serkyem | Authentic Buddhist Offerings
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Mandala Stones Inlaid
Mandala Stones Inlaid For Home Decor | 24k Gold Plated
Sale price$522.75 Regular price$615.00
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Copper Incense Burner
Copper Incense Burner | 24k Gold Plated for a Luxurious Experience
Sale price$688.50 Regular price$810.00
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24k Gold Plated Brass Stupa
24k Gold Plated Brass Stupa | Devotional Piece for Sacred Offering
Sale price$416.50 Regular price$490.00
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auspicious symbol
Brass Auspicious Symbols | Symbolic Decor for Positive Energy
Sale price$323.00 Regular price$380.00
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Handmade Traditional Ghau Box
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Oxidized Copper Stupa
Oxidized Copper Stupa | Ancient Symbol of Buddhist Devotion
Sale price$956.25 Regular price$1,125.00
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Tibetan Iron Vajra | Handcrafted Buddhist Symbol
Tibetan Iron Vajra | Handcrafted Buddhist Symbol
Sale price$399.50 Regular price$470.00
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Mantra Prayer Wheel
Mantra Prayer Wheel | Spinning Blessings and Positive Energy
Sale price$97.75 Regular price$115.00
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Vajra and Bell
High Quality Vajra and Bell | Embrace the Relaxing Sound
Sale price$310.25 Regular price$365.00
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Handcrafted Phurba with Three Faces
Handcrafted Phurba with Three Faces | Embrace the Triple Energy
Sale price$599.25 Regular price$705.00
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Auspicious symbol
Colorful Auspicious Symbol | Vibrant Spiritual Decor
Sale price$144.50 Regular price$170.00
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Tibetan Tantric Khatvanga
Tibetan Tantric Khatvanga | Mystical Symbol of Transcendence and Enlightenment
Sale price$2,720.00 Regular price$3,200.00
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