We are pleased to offer a variety of Buddhist ritual items that will inspire you to perform Buddhist rituals on your altar. Wherever your ritual practice may be, we are here to accompany you in your spiritual practice. We hope this will be a source of great enlightenment for you! May everything be auspicious!

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Traveling Altar Box
Traveling Altar Box | Buddhist Ritual Objects | Portable Meditation Box
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Crystal Kapala Cup
Crystal Kapala Cup | Ancient Practices | Buddhist Altar Supplies
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Tibetan Serkyem Offering
Tibetan Serkyem Offering | Tibetan Water Offering | Buddhist Home Altar
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paubha art meditation
Padmapani Lokeshvara Tibetan Thangka | Paubha Art Meditation
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Handmade Gold Plated Stupa
Handmade Gold Plated Chorten | Handcrafted Ritual Item
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Traditional Oil Lamp Set
Traditional Oil Lamp Set | Buddhist Lion lamp
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Phurba Ritual Dragger
Phurba Ritual Dagger | Buddhist Altar Supplies | Decorative Statues
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white tara goddess
White Tara Goddess Thangka | Mindfulness Meditation
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Ting Water Bowl
Ting Water Bowl | Set Of Seven Offering Cups | Buddhist Decorations
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ornate carved bowls
Ornate Carved Bowls for Offering | Set of Seven | Nepal Crafts
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mandala wall art
Mandala Wall Art | Asthamartika | Buddhist Vintage Decor
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8 Auspicious Symbols
8 Auspicious Symbols | Religious Home Decor | Buddhist Altar Kit
Sale price$1,125.00 Regular price$1,250.00
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Introducing You To Our Most Sold Product

Our Travelling Altar Box is specially designed for frequent travellers and enthusiastic practitioners like you. It is suitable for small space shrinesand can be easily carried with you. It is easily foldable for three miniature statues which are also available with us. The box comes with a set of offering bowls, storage space for an incense burner and also a metal space for incense to burn. The box has an expandable table tray and drawer space where your prayer book and other ritual items can easily fit. Praying is made easy with ourtravelling altar box.

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