8 Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism | Sacred Icons of Spiritual Significance

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8 Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism

About Our ritual item :

Immerse yourself in the divine beauty of the 8 Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism, lovingly handcrafted on a brass body. Each symbol is brought to life with intricate hand painting using vibrant acrylic colors, infusing the artwork with spiritual energy. With a total weight of 1.066 kg, this collection of auspicious symbols holds immense significance in Buddhist culture. From the endless knot symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things to the lotus representing purity and enlightenment, each emblem carries a profound message.

Display this remarkable piece in your sacred space to invite blessings, peace, and harmony into your life, and be reminded of the timeless wisdom these symbols impart.

Introduction To The 8 Auspicious Symbols :

The eight auspicious symbols are identified as framing the body of the Buddha in Tibetan tradition, with the parasol representing his head, the golden fishes his eyes, the lotus his tongue, the treasure vase his neck, the wheel his feet, the victory banner his body, the conch his speck, and the endless knot his mind.

In Hinduism, they are known as Ashthamangala, which also has significant spiritual significance. Ashtamangala is widely utilized at the entryway above the door by Hindu practitioners to guard against harmful spirits and attract positive energy at home, and for the same purpose at work or office space.
Size: 10cm (Height) x 7.5cm (Base)
Weight: 0.130 kg
Total Weight: 1.066 kg
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To give your space a peaceful, powerful, and attractive feel, we are introducing Buddhism-inspired home décor items to enliven your space with zen vibes, in the form of decoration, an art form, or inspiration.