Yamantaka Thangka, Yama, Tibetan Thangka Painting

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Yamantaka Thangka Painting, Tibetan Thangka Art

The most wrathful form of Mañjuśri, Yamantaka is the embodiment of total wrath. His anger is so terrific that it may consume even himself. Yamantaka crushes many evil spirits under his feet. In this Vajravarahi has many faces, so that he can look in all directions. It signifies the omnipresence of his anger. The wrathful Manjushri has many arms and legs, therefore, nobody can escape from his fury. He has the wisdom of equanimity and thus treads equally on all aspects of ego. His consort feeds and reinforces his countless vengeance.

The head which symbolizes the ignorance which is transmuted into discriminating wisdom

  • nine faces, sixteen hands and thirty-four legs
  • His right legs are slightly folded and the left legs stretch
  • The central face is the buffalo's face with two horns and its complexion is dark and in the angry form.
  • The second face is of a demon and the top face is Manjuśri's which is in peaceful form. Each and every face has three eyes.
  • All hands hold different kinds of instruments to threaten the defilements. All hands and the body are decorated with many different kinds of ornaments
  • His lowest arms hold his consort and the hands hold skull cups.
  • His consort embraces him. Her complexion is also dark. She has two hands, one face and three.