Wheel Of The Law And A Pair Of Crouching Deer | Buddhist Symbol

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Dharma Chakra And A Pair Of Deer , Ritual Items

Dharma Wheel has a round shape of the wheel that represents the perfection of the dharma, the Buddha's teaching. It is made up of Copper and plated with gold. The rim of the Wheel represents meditative concentration and mindfulness, which hold practice together. The hub represents moral discipline. The three swirls often seen on the hub are sometimes said to represent the Three Treasures or Three Jewels buddha, dharma, sangha. They also represent joy.

In Buddhism, the Deer symbolizes harmony, happiness, peace and longevity. When a male and a female Deer are represented together is a direct allusion to the first teachings of Buddha near Varanasi. In one of this former lives, Buddha was a golden deer that spoke to men. According to that tradition, Deer are by nature timid and serene animals and their presence in a place represents the purity of a kingdom bereft of fear.
Size: 23cm/9"(Height) X 15.5cm/6.1" (Base)
Deer Size: 14.5cm/5.7"(Height) X 12cm/4.7"(Base)
Weight 2.268kg (approximately)