Valuable Offering Set | Copper Mandala Set | Buddhist Ritual Item

SKU: 31TK6MandalaB


Buddhist Ritual Offering, Six Inches Mandala 

A heavily decorated Mandala set, handcarved and definite, is made of full copper and plated with pure gold. This particuar set accompanies a one of a kind elephant-head stand and the roundabout rings has wonderful Ashtamangala carvings~symbols of flourishing and prosperity. This gold-plated Mandala will be a significant gift to your companions and friends and family and to yourself.

"Maṇḍala" is a Sanskrit word. Numerous interpreters in the past didn't make a translation of the word into Tibetan, and are said to have left it in Sanskrit. Sanskrit generally refers to many things relying upon the context. The same word has different meanings in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religious contexts.

While offering a mandala, we should initially fill the mandala set with grains, rice, pearls, or other valuable stones and proposition it on the special raised area and perform offering ritual with the suitable recitations and visualisations. What's more, when not being used, the mandala set ought to be covered with a spotless fabric and hidden away consciously.
Size: 42 cm(Height) and 26 cm(Base)
Weight: 2.564 kg