Vajravarahi Thangka | Tantric Buddhist Goddess | Buddhist Dakini Art

Natural Mineral Colors
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Spiritual Artwork of Vajravarahi, The Dakini Thangka

Engage yourself in the fierce and transformative energy of Vajravarahi, with this mesmerizing thangka painting. Adorned with a crown of skulls and a necklace of severed heads, She stands upon a lotus, symbolizing her purity and transcendence over worldly attachments. Her right hand wields a curved knife, cutting through ignorance and delusions, while her left-hand holds a skull cup filled with the elixir of enlightenment. With a wrathful expression, she embodies the ferocious aspect of wisdom and compassion, empowering practitioners to confront challenges with courage and clarity. This exquisite thangka is painted with natural stone colors on cotton canvas, adding an authentic touch to the artwork. Portray this sacred masterpiece in your meditation space to invoke Vajravarahi's transformative energies, guiding you toward spiritual awakening and liberation. Welcome the power of this fierce deity and awaken the compassionate warrior within.

Size: 9"/22cm (width) x 13"/33cm (height)

Materials: Cotton Canvas, Natural stone color, Genuine 24K Gold

Note: Vajravarahi Thangka is an original painting from Enlightenment Studio located at Boudha Stupa.

Vajravarahi embodies the ultimate experiences and realizations of supreme bliss and emptiness—the essence of the completion-stage practices—as the purifying inner heat of the navel chakra. She carries a blood-filled skullcup with swirling waves of ambrosia in her left hand and a vajra-tipped flaying knife in her right. A prominent khatvanga symbolizes her non-dual union with Chakrasamvara. The ceremonial staff also indicates that she is accompanied by the entire entourage of the Sixty-two-Deity Chakrasamvara/ Vajravarahi Mandala. She is naked, dressed with the five bone decorations (Pancha mudra) and the delicately drawn lacelike bone apron, which collectively signify the five perfections, with a brown sow's head behind her right ear. She is pictured gently smiling, her hair loosened, laughing with bared teeth, infused with passion and rage. She is wearing a lengthy garland of fifty freshly severed heads, tied together with intestines, instead of her usual necklace of dried skulls.

We are a team of traditionally trained Karma Gadri artists from Boudha Stupa. Our lineage comes from Venerable Master Jamyang Phunshok. Who is from Kham, Eastern Tibet.

We are focused on bringing accurate iconographic thangka, which will be helpful to your practice.

We do traditional brocade mount upon your request. We send available samples and price details for your final confirmation.

As requested for consecrations/blessings, we can take thangka to Monasteries/Rinpoches from nearby Boudha Stupa. We kindly ask you to offer $50 for the monasteries for blessings/consecration service.