VajraDaka Tibet Incense Burner | Traditional Himalayan Art | Religious Decor

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VajraDaka Tibet Incense Burner 

About Our Incense Burner :

The VajraDaka Tibet Incense Burner is depicted sitting on the lotus base, placed upon a unique majestic throne detailed with mystical beings and intricate carvings. The incense burner is a handcrafted copper body with acrylic paint. The gemstones are used to make the sculpture beautiful. The deity is seated with his hands crossed and his head pointing upward with a wrathful face. A vajra is held on the right, and the left-hand bell is held.

Introduction to Incense Burner

Incense burners are sometimes known as thuribles and can be swung by hand or suspended from the ceiling. The swinging action creates a draught through the censer, which allows the charcoal to glow and the incense to burn more intensely.

Size: 32 cm(Height) and 23 cm(Base)
Weight: 6.450 kg

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