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Handcrafted Tibetan Kapala Skull Cup

A kapala is a skull cup used as a ritual implement in both Hindu Tantra and Buddhist Tantra.The kapala itself is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The kapala also represents the transmission of knowledge from the Tantric guru to disciple, known as lineage transmission. Kapalas are used mainly for esoteric purposes such as rituals. Among the rituals using kapalas is higher tantric meditation to achieve a transcendental state of mind within the shortest possible time; libation to gods and deities to win their favor.

The Kapala is made of copper alloy, silver plated which is beautifully hand-carved. The upper half holds half vajra on the lid which is a ritual tool being used for all of the traditions of Dharma and the bottom stand is beautifully carved skulls on all sides of the kapala.


Size: 19 cm(Height) and 16 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.754 kg