Tibetan Jeweled Bell With Half Vajra | Gold Plated Copper Body Bell | Ritual Objects

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Tibetan Jeweled Bell with Half Vajra

About Vajra

The Tibetan Meditation Bell With Vajra Handle is a copper body with 24K gold plated with Gemstones attached to them. The vajra is placed at the top of the bell. The gemstones are placed on the vajra only. The bell is a ritual item in meditation practice, retreats, ceremonies, other musical instruments, mudra hand gestures, and dance.

Introduction to Bell

Bell is regarded as one of Buddhism's powerful meditational and ritual symbols. During the rituals or Vajrayana Tantric practice, Ghanta alongside dojre is used in conjunction. The Dorje is held in the right hand and the bell is in the left and is never isolated from one another. The bell represents the feminine principle as the ‘perfection of wisdom which directly perceives emptiness (shunyata). It is defined as "proclaiming the sound of nothingness," which originates from the voidness of its shape, radiates in all directions, and then dissipates back into silence or emptiness. Its hole, or mouth,' represents nothingness, while its clapper, or 'tongue,' represents the shape.
Size: 20 cm(Height) and 9 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.424 kg

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