Tibetan Harmony Bells | Buddhist Prayer Vajra and Bell

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Tibetan Harmony Bells 

Introduction to Tibetan Harmony Bells 

This bell comes with dorje as shown in the picture which means; in Tibetan Buddhism a representation of a thunderbolt in the form of a short double trident or sceptre, symbolizing the male aspect of the spirit and held during invocations and prayers.

This bell and dorje set was handmade . In Tibetan Buddhism, the bell represents the feminine aspect, and the dorje represents the masculine. You can strike the bell with the dorje during meditation, and this set makes a wonderful addition to a meditation room or altar. This bell and dorje set is made from metal, and the mantra om mani padme hum is painted on the outside of the bell. Another name for dorje is vajra.

Size for Bell: 17cm x 9cm
Size for Vajra: 3cm x 13cm
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