Kapala Smudge Bowl | Handcrafted Cleansing Ceremonial Tool

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Kapala Smudge Bowl 

About Our Ritual Item :

With the Kapala Smudge Bowl, your ritual practices will be elevated. This exceptional smudge bowl is created with care and precision with both functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind

Perfect for those who appreciate the confluence of tradition and modern craftsmanship, this Kapala Smudge Bowl not only serves its purpose but also stands as a testament to exquisite design.

features of This Kapala 

  • Brass Stand: Provides stability and a touch of elegance.
  • Durable Construction: The white metal exterior of the kapala ensures durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Resin Interior: Enhances the bowl's durability while maintaining a smooth inner surface for ease of use.

  • Introduction To Kapala Skull Cup :

    In Buddhist offerings, Kapala is a ritual bowl used to hold bread or dough cakes, torma, and wine instead of blood and flesh as offerings to wrathful deities. This gold-plated ritual bowl is beautifully hand carved with fine detailing and exceptional craftsmanship.

    It's important to take care of this ritual implementation. with equal care and dedication. The "Jewel-bowl" should never be left empty or lying upside down, otherwise, the beneficent qualities of the skull will be useless for the bearer.
    Height:6 cm x 17.5 cm(Width)
    Weight:0.36 kg

    With Stand
    Height: 14 cm x 20.5 cm(Width)
    Weight:0.778 kg
    How to set up your own Buddhist Shrine?

    • Find a clean, quiet, and uncluttered spot.
    • Set up an altar table, and cover it with an altar cloth that calls to you.
    • Place your sacred item (statue, thangka, or a picture of Buddha) at the center.