Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Small Decorative Statues

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Standing Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, Mini Statue Decor

This slim, richly gilded statue represents the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, Sage of the Shakya clan. He displays a number of the physical signs that had come to represent the Buddha’s divinity—the cranial protuberance (ushnisha), elongated earlobes, three parallel folds in the neck, webbed fingers and toes, and palms marked by a wheel. He stands in a graceful pose with the weight on the right leg and the hip thrust gently out. The smooth, fleshy contours of the body are revealed by a thin, clinging garment with cascading pleats delineated into a threadlike surface design. The upper end of the robe is gathered in the left hand, the right bestowing the gesture of charity.
Size: 16 cm(Height) and 8 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.624 kg