Sculpture Of Two Deer and Dharmachakra | Buddhist Symbol | Plated With Gold

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Dharma Chakra and Two Deer , Ritual Items

Dharma Chakra and two deer is one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism. A traditional dharma wheel is a chariot wheel with varying numbers of spokes. This Dharma Chakra has eight spokes which represent the Eightfold Path. An eight-spoke wheel is the most common form of the wheel in Buddhism. .

A male and female deer rest on either side of the golden 'wheel of dharma' which crowns the roof of the gateway of Buddhist monasteries and temples. The male and female deer on the right and left represent devotees who enjoy and take pleasure in listening to the teachings of the holy dharma and the round shape of the wheel represents the perfection of the Buddha's teaching.
Size: 13cm/5"(Height) X 6cm/2" (Base)
Deer Size: 8cm/3"(Height) X 7.5cm/2.9"(Base)
Weight:0.589 kg(approximately)