Sacred Dhupur Rice Pot | Tibetan Art Work

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Sacred Dhupur Rice Pot

About Our Tibetan Rice Pot:

The Sacred Dhupur Rice Pot is a finely crafted piece made from copper, adorned with intricate details and artistry. The pot's design is enhanced by the presence of artificial stones meticulously inlaid, adding a touch of elegance and visual appeal to its overall appearance. With its radiant copper body and embellishments, this rice pot serves not only as a functional vessel but also as a captivating work of art that carries the essence of craftsmanship and devotion. Whether used for its intended purpose or displayed as a symbol of cultural heritage and aesthetic appreciation, the Sacred Dhupur Rice Pot embodies the fusion of artistic creativity and practical utility.

Introduction to Tibetan Rice Pot :

A rice bowl represents prosperity, sustenance, fertility, and abundance. Thus a Rice Bowl is reputed to assist you in warding off any evils to the household and, at the same time, aid you in achieving prosperity both in wealth and happiness in your family life. Mostly seen on the hands of the Buddha; traditionally, rice bowls would be used by Buddhist monks to accept offerings offered by people. They used to survive with the monks' offerings, usually rice, food, or money. Even today, such practice exists in some parts.
Size: 13 cm(Height) x 10 cm (Base)
Weight: 0.28 kg
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