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Original hand painted Lokeshvara Mandala thanka with brocade

This original hand-painted Lokeshvara Mandala thanka could be a very special gift for your religious friends. It is said that Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara made strong vows in front of Buddha Amitabha to intentionally manifest into the three realms of the world in order to liberate all sentient beings from their sufferings. He also vowed that if by chance his compassion and courageous mind of mercy for all sentient beings were to decrease, then let his head and body just completely crack and fall into thousand pieces.

Receiving blessings from Buddha Amitabha, Lokeshwora went through universal manifestations into the three realms of existence. Thereafter he went to Hell and emancipated them from both the hot and cold hells by teaching the mantra of Great Compassion. He in turn went to the ghost realm, human, asura, and deva realms to free sentient beings from their respective types of suffering. Through these actions, he thoroughly emptied the ocean of suffering. Following this, he went back to Buddha Amitabha and declared that the liberation had been effected. Buddha Amitabha then said to him,” You should look back into the world again.

”Lokeshowara looked back and saw that the world was once again filled with sadness and sufferings.This disappointed him and his body and head cracked and fell apart into one thousand pieces.Buddha Amitabha then said to him,”My son where has your courage,your mental strength gone?”He picked up all the pieces of his body and the head. At the same time he said “This happened because of your vow. However,noble son, don’t worry.” He then blessed his broken heads into eleven faces and he sat upon those heads, and his broken body emanated into one thousand hands like one thousand petals of a lotus.

Thereafter he said “I bow to you because your thousand hands are the hands of the thousand universal emperors and those eyes in each of the palm of the hands are the eyes of one thousand Buddhas who will appear in this fortunate a eon . After that Lokeshvara appeared in many forms and he successfully accomplished innumerable altruistic actions.

Size with Brocade: 35" / 89 cm (width) x 44"/ 111 cm (height)
Canvas Size : 15" / 38 cm (width) x 19"/ 48 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Colors, Genuine 24K Gold