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Phurba, Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Dagger

The Phurba is a traditional Tibetan ritual item widely used in Tantric rituals. This is a gold-plated three-sided golden sword made of iron. It is a ritual dagger mainly related to Vajrakilaya and is commonly used for Tantric purposes to prevent evil and negativeness. This ritual device is associated with three of the most formidable and intensely resentful meditation gods, Hayagriba, Vajrakilaya, and Black Mahakala.

The iconography of Phurba is very extraordinary. The three edges have extremely exceptional emblematic importance and abilities. The three edges represent the following;

  1. Three Worlds united by the “world axis” (handle of the Phurba) (which unites the three worlds)
  2. Three Poisons each edge represents one of the three: Moha (delusions and confusion), Raga (greed and attachment) and Dvesha (aversion or ill-will)
  3. Three Remedies that remedies the three Poisons: Amoha or Prajna (non delusion or wisdom), Alobha or Dana (non-attachment or generosity) and metta and advesa (loving kindness and non-hatred) converting the Thee Poisons with the Three Remedies purification of the Body, Speech and Mind.

The crown of this ritual sword is considered the place of blessing and is therefore the most important area (like the crown of our own head). Phurba is used by practitioners in both meditation and rituals. The absolute greatest ceremonies performed with the utilization of phurba are to cleanse and consecrate the land, daily meditation and visualization of God, blessings, healing, elimination / expulsion of negative energy, and empowerment. 


Size: 5cm(Height) and 31cm(Base)
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