Offering Bowls | Water Bowls | Ritual Item

SKU: 134TKOfferingBowls


Offering Bowls , Plated With 24KGold Bowl

Offering Bowls are the spiritual practice that holds our ritual offerings to the God and Goddesses. It connects us with the deities that we are worshipping. This is a very special piece to show our gratitude to deities for their guide and protection.

Offering Bowls are commonly used in Tibetan temples, shrines, and home altars and filled with offerings every morning as a way of collecting merit and virtue. They can hold different substances such as rice, fruits, yak butter, salt, ghee, water, flowers. They have the perfect size for shrine and can be stored easily. This set of Bowls is beautiful and the trim is an eye catching focal piece. They are great for anyone attempting practice in a confined area.
Size: 25cm/9.8" (Height) x 23cm/9" (Base)
Depth of the Bowl : 8cm
Weight: 5.52kg (approximately)