Buddhist Offering Bowls | Seven Offerings | Traditional Practice

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Offering Bowls, Beautifully Hand-crafted Ritual Items

Offering Bowls are the most common type of offering on seven bowls in Tibetan Buddhist shrines. Buddhist people offer water first thing in the morning along with Butter lamp and conclude with Incense offering. Normally, we will remove the bowls at the end of each day, any time before sunset and place it upside down. It is a way to make offering to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in four direction.

Beautifully hand crafted Offering bowls is made up of sliver and gold with amazing detail. Great finishing work, hand hammered and engraved with auspicious design around each bowl. The main point of any offerings is a pure motivation to cultivate generosity and to be relieved of the pain of selfishness and greed.

Size: 10cm/3.9" (Height), 9cm/3.5" (Base)
Weight: 2.16kg (approximately)