Medicine Buddha Thangka | Thanka Painting | Tibetan Traditional Art

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Medicine Buddha Thangka Painting

Medicine Buddha thangka painting is done in traditional Tibetan Karma Gadri style. Upon closer look, you can find the exquisite and carefully drawn painting of Medicine Buddha. The color play in the thangka is harmoniously balanced to create soothing pleasure while visualizing it. Medicine Buddha, highly practiced among the Himalayan Tibetan Buddhist community. We have a special practice tradition for the blessings of Medicine Buddha. For the Vajrayana Practitioners like you, this Tibetan thangka will be helpful to inspire in your practice.

If these sentient beings [those plunged into the depths of

samsara's sufferings] hear the name of the Lord Master of

Healing, the Lapis Lazuli Radiance Tathagata, and with

utmost sincerity accept it and hold on to it, and no doubts

arise, then they will not fall into a woesome path.

The Medicine Buddha is believed to be a transformation of Shakyamuni Buddha, who manifested as the Medicine Buddha in order to give the medicine teaching to the fourfold assembly of Hindu gods, rishi-sages, bodhisattvas, and arhats. The entire assembly during that teaching perceived the world as a pure universe as if actually made of medicine, wherein every substance was found to be healing. In another sutra, the Medicine Buddha had attained perfect enlightenment many eons previously. He vowed that his buddhaverse would be a world of healing and that throughout that buddhaverse, wherever beings suffer from sickness and injury, he would eternally manifest to bring them his healing knowledge. By this account, Shakyamuni, when he gave the medicine teaching, was merely identifying himself with the age-old healing energy of enlightened beings.

At Enlightenment, we follow Buddhist text and iconography detail to make sure it presents all the right attributes for your practice.

Size: 45cm /18"(width) x 60 cm/24" (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylics, Genuine 24K Gold


It is painted at Enlightenment Studio, which is located near the Boudha Stupa.

This Medicine Buddha Thangka is a great gift for any practitioner.