Unique 5" Mandala | Handcarved Set with Stand | Ritual Item

SKU: 14TK5MandalaB


Handcarved 5" Mandala Set

Basically, offering the mandala set involves mentally offering the entire universe: all the planets and worlds, all sense objects, and especially the objects to which there is much clinging, such as your body, possessions, and friends. All these are offered to the merit field. The essential technique of offering is to offer the best quality materials, in the greatest quantity, and to have a clear visualization as possible. In this way, you can create extensive merit in just a short time.

These unique and exquisite works are usually made of finely detailed hand carvings. It is a gold-plated mandala set and the green color makes the set more attractive. Each ring on the mandala is carved with different auspicious symbols along with the flowers representing purity, spiritual awakening, and faithfulness.


Size: 35 cm(Height) and 25cm(Base)
Weight: 1.304 kg