5" Mandala Full Set | Vajrayana Traditions | Buddhist Shrine Items

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5" Full Mandala Set, Ritual Items

A beautiful addition to our fine quality Mandala collection, this is a full set of 5" Mandala made of copper and plated with gold. The tip of the Mandala is adorned beautifully with red coral stone while the rings are detailed with handcarved details of auspicious Buddhist symbols. The outer rim of the Mandala stand at the base is detailed with the Eight Ausicious symbols and decorativ detailing. 

Mandala Set is a tridimensional graphical and geometrical representation of the universe. It represents a combination of the enlightened mind and body of Buddha and is considered to have great power. square and symmetrical with a series of concentric circles.

They are appreciated as artwork for their elegance and naturally balanced nature of the outer world and the inner mind. This Mandala Set is made of mercury and partly gold and is beautifully hand-carved with beautiful images. The carving details are done very finely.
Size: 37 cm(Height) and 22cm(Base)
Weight: 1.420 kg