Fine Quality Kapala Set | Tantric Ritual Objects | Full Gold Skull Cup

SKU: 179TKKapala


Full Gold Kapala Set for Tantric Ritual Offering, with a half-vajra tip

Kapalas are ritual items used mainly for higher tantric meditation, to achieve a transcendental state of mind, and also as an offering bowl on the altar. The gold plated kapala set, also skull cup, displayed here is handcrafted in Nepal with exquisite detailing, and decorated with the incredible vajra top. 

Kapala, or Skull Bowl, is a esoteric ritual tool and a Tantric practice that represents the transformation of delusions into wisdom. It is often used for offering to the ferocious divinities either wine, which symbolizes blood, or dough cakes, which are shaped to resemble human eyes, ears, and tongues. The skull cup is often a handsomely worked object and rests on a triangular pedestal representing a sacrificial fire with skulls. 

This beautifully handcrafted Kapala Set will be an incredible addition to your home or office altar due to its unique look.


Size: 23 cm(Height) and 11cm(Base)
Weight:0.810kg (1.7kg pair weight)