Traditional Incense Holder | Plated With Pure 24K Gold | Tibetan Holder

SKU: 125TKIncenseStickHolder


Incense Stick Holder, Buddhist Ritual Item

Incense stick is an essential part of every ritual and occasions. This Incense Stick Holder alleviates the beauty of the space. During every ritual ceremony, we light incense sticks to fill the ambiance with a soothing fragrance and ward off evil spirits. Inorder to properly hold the burning sticks, an Incense Holder can safely hold the burning incense sticks while captivating smells around your space. An incense burner's purpose is to contain burning incense and its ash.

This beautiful Incense Holder makes a great addition as a decoration piece. It is made up from the finest quality of copper and coated with pure 24K gold. This Incense Holder is 35cm tall with great detailing. The body part of the holder has 4 Auspicious Symbol.
Size: 35cm/13.7" (Height) X 13cm/5" (Base)
Depth: 26cm
Weight: 992gm (approximately)