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Hand-painted Chengrezig Thangka

Introduction To The Thangka :

Chengrezig - This form of Avalokiteshvara is widely used for devotional practice for the followers of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.His six syllabled mantra “ Om mani pad me hum” is the household mantra for all Buddhists all around the world.

He has four hands, the first two pressed together at his heart makes Anjalimudra (Adamant form). He holds a wish fulfilling jewel, indicating that he has a mind of great compassion. He is adorned with silk and jewels and he wears an upper garment of an antelope skin signifying his compassionate and gentle nature. In his left hand, he holds a blue lotus flower and a crystal rosary with his right hand.

How does Thangka benefit us?

It goes without saying that every detail of a painting has a symbolic meaning. Regardless of your religious affiliation, a thangka can help you on your path to enlightenment, whether you practice Buddhism or have other religious convictions. Thangkas are paintings that depict deities with various iconographic elements and symbolism that encourage meditation on the teachings of the god they depict. Any thangka is intended to aid in the removal of the film of ignorance, which is a significant barrier to the road to enlightenment. The Thangka is revered as a holy item. They promote positivity, spread Buddhism's teachings, bring about peace, harmony, and oneness, and dispel any negative energy that may be there.


Size with Brocade: 81" / 205 cm (width) x 110"/ 279 cm (height)
Canvas Size : 15" / 38 cm (width) x 19"/ 48 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Colors, Genuine 24K Gold




How do we take care of thangka?

  • Avoid too much heat.
  • Avoid chemicals and acids/chemical sprays.
  • Avoid molds, take care of sunlight & humidity.
  • Prevent from dirt/dust.
  • Save from pests, rodents & other biological factors.