Green Tara Mandala Thangka | Wheel Of Time | Wall Hanging Religious Decor

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Green Tara Mandala Thangka

About Our Thangka :

Our Thangka is a hand-drawn painting of Goddess Green Tara Mandala. In the thangka we can see Goddess Green Tara at the center and surrounded by the mandala. 24k gold and natural stone color is used to complete the thangka.

Introduction To Green Tara Mandala :

Mandala is a tool for meditation or contemplative object used to illustrate various aspects of Buddha’s teachings, meditative instruction, or the cosmological representation of the pure microcosm (pure mandala) of the deity.

Green Tara is represented in a royal ease posture with her left leg bent her left leg overstepping the main lotus and resting on a blue lotus ready to get up and offer assistance to those in need.

She is portrayed with maroon Buddhist robes and jewelry. The earrings represent patience, understanding, and renunciation. The diadem with five jewels represents the transmutation of the five delusions into the Five Buddha Wisdoms.

She is shown with a benevolent countenance seated upon a white moon disk which is associated with special restorative nectar associated with the naval chakra center.

In Buddhism, the moon symbolizes the wisdom aspect which when coupled with compassion leads to Sakyamuni Buddha's enlightenment. Her right hand is gracefully lowered in Varada mudra, the boon-granting gesture.


Size: 18"/46 cm (width) x 18"/46 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Colors, Genuine 24K Gold



How do we preserve paintings?
  1.  Avoid too much heat.
  2.  Avoid chemicals and acids/chemical sprays.
  3.  Avoid molds, take care of sunlight & humidity.
  4.  Take care in transportation.
  5.  Prevent from dirt/dust.
  6.  Handle with care.
  7.  Save from pests, rodents & other biological factors.