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Green Tara Ghau Pendant

About The Pendant :

Ghau is characterized by trefoil forms and a window in the center through which the particular deity can be seen. Ghau is a portable shrine in which a silk-wrapped image of the owner's personal god (Ishta Devata) is maintained. The majority of Tibetans utilized Ghau at home and while traveling. 

Introduction To Green Tara :

Green Tara is also known in Sanskrit as "Sgrol- ljang." She is the most well-known Buddhist goddess. Green Tara is the mother of emancipation and a goddess of compassion. According to legend, she was created from Avalokiteshvara's tear. The tear dropped and produced a pool, from which a magnificent lotus bloomed, and upon opening the flower, a Green Tara was revealed.

Size: 5cm (Height) x 2.5cm (Base)
Weight: 0.020 kg