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Beautiful Handcrafted Antique Stupa

Our stupa is a beautiful gold-plated stupa finely hand-crafted with various symbols and decorated with stones accordingly giving it an antique presence. Stupas promote harmony, prosperity, longevity, good health, and peace. They bring blessings to the environment in which they are built, those who make them, and those who visit and revere them. In this way, stupas ensure that the living quality of the Buddhist teachings will always be available.

Shakyamuni Buddha is believed to have given the basic design for the stupa within his own lifetime. A sutra story relates that the relics of Shariputra, one of Shakyamuni’s closest disciples, were enshrined in a lay disciple’s house for veneration. One day the layman went away locking his door, and the devotees were disappointed not to be able to worship the relics. When it was brought to the attention of Shakyamuni, he decreed that an external reliquary should be constructed housing Shariputra’s relics, to which all people could have continuous free access.

Shakyamuni then described its construction as having four gradually ascending steps, a circular vase base, a vase dome, a square harmika, an axle-pole, a rain cover, and from one to thirteen umbrellas was the highest emblem of royalty, an honour accorded only to the chakravartin or ‘universal monarch’. This number may have symbolized the earth as a central point with the twelve surrounding solar houses of the year, or the overcoming of the three primary poisons at the central hub of the didactic ‘wheel of life’ surrounded by the twelve links in the circular chain of dependent origination.


Size: 37 cm(Height) and 17 cm(Base)
Weight: 1.82 kg