Full Gold Mandala Set | Turquoise and Corals Inlay | Buddhist Alter Offerings

SKU: 155TNMandala


5" Full Gold Mandala Rice Offering Set 

A master-piece Mandala set featuring detailed carvings of the eight Tibetan auspicious symbols and amazing filigree patterns, adorned with  stones of turquoise and corals. 

Our Mandala sets can be filled with offerings such as coins, beads, jewels, or rice. We offer the mandala set to help you bring happiness and joy into your life. We have various colors and patterns in our Mandala sets holding a significant meaning to them.

The gold mandala brings Nourishment and Restraint, bringing balance to your home and life. This mandala set makes a fantastic home décor or a gift to loved ones.


Size: 30cm (Height) X 14cm (Base)
Weight: 0.908kg