Full Gold Mandala | Buddhist Altar Supplies | Rice Offering Set

SKU: 34TK6Mandala


6" Full Gold Mandala for Buddhist Altar Supplies

Our 6" gold mandala is a complete offering set that may be placed on one's shrine to symbolize the offering of the entire three-thousand-fold universe to the victorious ones. A mandala is a symbol of the universe in its ideal form. Its creation signifies the transformation of a universe of suffering into one of joy. It can also be used as an aid to meditation, helping the meditator to envision how to achieve the perfect self. 

They are appreciated as artwork for their elegance and naturally balanced nature of the outer world and the inner mind. This Mandala Set is made of gold and is delightfully hand-carved with lovely Ashthamangala carvings.


Size: 39 cm(Height) and 25 cm(Base)
Weight: 2.094 kg