Exquisite Mandala Offering Set | Gold Plated Mandala | Buddhist Home Altar

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Buddhist Mandala Offering Set, Gold-plated with Original Stones Inlay

Our 3" Buddhist Mandala Offering Set is gold-plated and handcarved with bright gemstones(original stones). To add the ornamental subtleties, it is added with seku metal work otherwise called filigree design. At the base, you can see the delightful round of gemstones carved to hold the mandala with a strong and a beautiful base. This set can be a wonderful expansion to your day to day reflection and ritual practice.

When you make a Mandala offering, it is usually filled with rice, coins, beads, jewels, etc. We have various colors and patterns in our Mandala sets holding a significant meaning to them.

We offer the mandala set to help you bring happiness and joy into your life.


Size: 24cm(Height) and 11cm(Base)
Weight: 0.426kg