Eight Auspicious Offerings | Ashtamangaladravya | Buddhist Altar Kit

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The Eight Auspicious Offerings of Good Fortune

Introduction to the Eight Auspicious Offerings

Like the Eight Auspicious Symbols, these eight auspicious offerings are probably of pre-Buddhist origin and were adopted in to early Buddhist symbolism during the period of its intitial inception. They are believed to represent the events in the Buddha's life, and later deified in Vajrayana Buddhism to form a group of eight offering deities. 

This Eight Auspicious Objects Set consists of a Mirror, Three Medicine Spirals obtained from the forehead of an elephant, a bowl of Mustard seed, Bilva fruit, Vermillion powder, an alms bowl filled with yogurt and covered in cloths, a white conch shell and durva grass.

How will these Auspicious Ritual Items benefit you?

Adding these auspicious objects in your home or workspace is believed to bring success, health, love, prosperity and can be placed anywhere in  your preferred area. 

Size: 25cm/9" (Height) X 10cm/3" (Base)
Weight: 6.17kg (approximately)