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Dzambhala Ghau Pendant

About The Pendant :

Our lovely handcrafted pendant is silver and gold plated. It's decorated with exquisite coral and turquoise stones. The Deity is carved right in the center of the pendant, giving it religious overtones.

Introduction To The Dzambhala Ghau :

As Dzambhala protects all lineages and sentient creatures from all diseases and hardships. Jambhala is a Bodhisattva of monetary and spiritual abundance, as well as many other qualities, such as financial security. Because there are so many angry and negative emotions or bad spirits in this world, and they occasionally damage you and other sentient beings, Dzambhala must take on such an angry and strong shape to defend us from these harmful spirits and terrible karma. Dzambhala, in particular, assists us in minimizing or reducing all calamities and difficulties, as well as increasing all good fortune and pleasure.

Size: 5.5cm (Height) x 3cm (Base)
Weight: 0.030 kg

Use of Turquoise Stone :

Turquoise helps to improve communication and expression and has a strong connection to the throat chakra. In addition to aligning all of the chakras, it is frequently used for therapeutic purposes. Additionally, turquoise can assist you in letting go of self-destructive habits and increasing your capacity for love and forgiveness.