Crystal Kuber Statue | Wealth Deity Dzambhala | Gift For Buddhist

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Crystal Kuber Statue

About Our Statue :

This exquisitely crafted Crystal Kuber statue has a copper base with a real 24-karat gold coating, crystal and turquoise and lapis lazuli stones placed throughout. The statue in gold gilt is ideal for any Vajrayana practice. Presenting a Dzambhala statue is helpful for everyone and everywhere.

Introduction To Kuber :

The ruler of wealth and the rescuer of the north are depicted in the Buddhist sculpture of Kuber, also known as Dzambhala. Dzambala's blessing and the worth of his way of life are global. It helps us to develop all good fortune and happiness while decreasing or removing all bad luck and impediments. Hindu gods assigned Kubera the task of granting prosperity to believers. For Vajrayana practice, this gold-gilded Dzambhala statue is fantastic.

Size: 25cm (Height) x 21cm (Base)
Weight: 2.894kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Base, Crystal, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli