Copper Bowls Oxidized with Antique Finish | Seven Offering Bowls | Ritual Objects

SKU: 213TKOfferingBowls


Set of Seven Oxidized Copper Bowls with Antique Finish

A set of beautiful, classic stemmed copper bowls that provide a 3.9 inch diameter. An exquisite and unique set of beautifully handcrafted offering bowls, this set has gold-plated upper and lower round rims.

This traditional set of offering bowls, with an antique finish, a highlighted and raised base and shiny look, is ideal for meditational shrines and altars at home or in the working environment. 

The contribution of water to deities is a day to day demonstration of generosity in every Buddhist custom. Alongside a physical butterlamp, you can make the eight auspicious offerings of drinking water, bathing water, blossoms, incense, food and music.


Size: 7 cm(Height) and 10 cm(Base)
Inner depth: 4cm
Weight: 0.240
Total: 1.708kg