Crowned Sakyamuni Buddha | Unique Buddhist Statue for Home Decor

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Buddhist Decorations for Home, Crowned Sakyamuni Buddha Statue

This antique handcrafted statue of Shakyamuni Buddha will work as a valuable decor piece to enhance your Buddhist home or workspace. 

Here, he is magnificently crowned that is crafted with bronze details. The right hand of Shakyamuni reaches down to touch the ground. This gesture symbolizes the moment when he summoned the earth to witness his ascension into the Buddhahood. A begging bowl supported by the left hand in the mudra is a gift from the Kings of the Four Directions (meditation gesture).

The add-on attribute of this antique statue is the three-legged stand that works as an easy base when you place it in your home or workspace. Our beautifully handcrafted Buddha Statue will be an incredible addition to your home décor due to its unique look.


Size: 22 cm (Height) X 16 cm (Base)
Weight: 1.8894kg