Ashtamangala Set | Eight Symbols of Prosperity | Buddhist Altar Kit

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Set of Ashtamangala Symbols

In traditional Buddhism, the practice of eight auspicious symbols is quite popular and the symbolism is profound. Here are the eight auspicious symbols and their profound meaning;

 Parasol  A symbol of protection and royalty

 Victory Banner

 A symbol of Buddha's victory over the entire universe.
 Conch Shell  A symbol of power, authority and sovereignty
 Treasure Vase  A symbol of long life and health
 Two Golden Fish  A symbol of happiness(as they have complete freedom in water)
 Endless Knot  A symbol of Buddha's endless wisdom and compassion
 Lotus flower  A symbol of purity, renunciation and divinity
 Dharma Wheel   A symbol of Buddha's Eight Noble Path(teachings) 

These symbols can be found and are used throughout the religion. The Ashtamangala Set is an auspicious set of Eight propitious symbols that are believed to bring good fortune and positive energies in our lives. 
Size: 25cm/9" (Height) X 11cm/4.3" (Base)
Weight: 6.038kg (approximately)