Beautiful Mandala Set | Ritual Altar Offerings | Zen Buddhism

SKU: 6TK4MandalaB


4 inches Mandala Offering Set Online

We have added this beautiful 4-inch mandala to the premium mandala set in our online collection. This complete mandala set is made using a mercury-free gold extraction method. This complete set comes with a beautifully carved stand. If you look closely, the mandala top is decorated delightfully with handcarvings of the auspicious Buddhist symbols alongside the circular rings.

One of the most stressed practice in Tibetan Buddhism is the Mandala offering. It amplifies our visualization with activity and sound, making it a complete offering of body, speech, and mind. It helps us see the vastness of all external, invisible, and internal phenomena. It helps us understand the emptiness of all phenomena. 


Size: 29.5 cm(Height) and 19 cm(Base)
Weight:1.278 kg