Handcrafted Tea Set | Tibetan Ritual Item

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Trapezoid Chepu teapot

The teapot shape is inspired by the heretical monuments, shaping trapezoid. The elephants hold the base strong and the two dragons on the top of the holder. The middle has chepu and between the cloud and nature. Our unique decorative Tibetan teapots are a gorgeous representation of Tibetan culture and history which would be a lovely addition to your collection.

Tea is vested with mystery in Tibetan temples. It has more spiritual meaning than material meaning. The Buddhists and Taoists on the Central Plains drink tea mainly to cultivate their moral character by sitting in meditation and to avoid dozing off, though they connect tea-drinking with Buddhist or Taoist activities, while in Tibetan temples, tea is regarded as a holy and pure thing similar to charms, holy water, and treasures.


Size: 46 cm(Height) and 40 cm(Base)
Weight: 4.408kg