6 Armed Mahakala with Banarasi Silk Brocade | Hand Painted Thangka Art

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6 Armed Mahakala Thangka

Mahakala looks wrathful and is bedecked with serpents. He wears a garland of severed heads and a crown of five skulls, representing five poisons of delusions, namely lust, hatred, ignorance, pride, and jealousy, transformed into the wisdom of five Buddhas. His right hand holds a karter symbolizing that he has cut off the ego, clinging, and attachment. His left-hand holds a kapala filled with blood, symbolizing the subjugation of evil. Since there are many forms of Mahakala, such as two-armed, four-armed, and multiple-armed, the deity holds different objects according to its different manifestations. He also wears a tiger skin symbolizing the purification of desires. He has three eyes symbolizing his clear comprehension of Three times. He looks ferocious against a background of blazing fire.
His two feet symbolize wisdom and method. His ferocious appearance aside, Mahakala is a manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, the embodiment of universal compassion.

How does Thangka benefit us?

Every detail of a painting has a symbolic meaning. Regardless of your religious affiliation, a thangka can help you on your path to enlightenment, whether you practice Buddhism or have other religious convictions. Thangkas are paintings that depict deities with various iconographic elements and symbolism that encourage meditation on the teachings of the god they depict. Any thangka is intended to aid in removing the film of ignorance, which is a significant barrier to the road to enlightenment.
Size with Brocade: 23" / 58 cm (width) x 34"/ 86 cm (height)

Size: 10"/ 25 cm (width) x 12"/ 30 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Colors, Genuine 24K Gold