Bhumba Set

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Showing 1 - 24 of 33 products
Bhumpa Brass Altar Vase
Bhumba Copper and Brass Vase | Sacred Buddhist Ritual Vase
Bhumpa Copper Vase
Spiritual Copper Bhumpa
Tibetan Buddhist Bhumpa Vase
Sacred Bhumpa Brass Vase
Tibetan Ritual Vase
Silver Plated And Copper Bhumpa
Silver Plate Copper Bumpa
Handmade Tibetan Bhumpa
Ceremonial Copper Bhumpa
Silver Bhumba
Authentic Tibetan Bhumpa Vase
Tibetan Copper Bhumpa Vase
Tibetan Copper Bhumba Set
Copper Bhumba Set
Water Offering Bhumba Set
Tibetan Vhumba
Nepali Silver Karuwa