Mandala Offering Set | Ancient Rituals | Zen Buddhism

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4" Zen Mandala Offering Set

Enlighten your meditation space with zen vibes with this extraordinary mandala offering set, made of mercury and gold and exceptional hand-carvings. The details of the engraving are carried out in great detail. The set accompanies a Mandala stand that is a stunning showpiece in itself.

You can place it at the highest place in your Puja shrine and that should be overhead. When offering a Mandala, you should be able to imagine that you are offering "everything" to the Buddha to purify karma and accumulate benefits every day. Mandala is an old rice offering custom in conventional Buddhist practices. It represents a combination of the enlightened mind and body of Buddha and is considered to have great power. 

We trust this mandala set can be an extraordinary wellspring of achieving merit for you and helps you in your day to day practice.


Size: 30 cm(Height) and 13 cm(Base)
Weight: 1.226 kg