White Tara Thangka | Tibetan Dolkar Bodhisattva Of Long Life

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White Tara Thangka

The White Tara or “White Saioress” is said to have been born from a tear of the Bodhisattva of compassion. She holds a very prominent position in Tibet.
Here White Tara is seen seated on a lotus throne. Her body is white and she is seated in the Vajra posture. Her left hand, which is placed on her heart, holds the stem of a blossoming lotus beside her left shoulder. Her right hand is in Varadamudra, Symbolising supreme generosity. She is wearing all six ornaments and looks like a beautiful sixteen-year-old maiden. She has seven eyes, two in the palms of her hand, two insoles of her feet, and one in her forehead.

In this beautiful Thangka painting, we can see the two Boddhisattvas on the bottom part of the painting and the exquisite scenery in the background adds up to White Tara’s beauty. In the middle part of the bottom register lies the offering substance along with auspicious symbols.

The practice of White Tara is basically performed in order to attain prolonged life as well as for healing purposes. It is said that because Arya Tara is the collective manifestation of the enlightened activity of all Buddhas, her Sadhana is easily accomplished. Reciting her mantra merely a thousand times brings good luck and causes aversion of hindrances.


Size: 18"/ 45 cm (width) x 26"/ 66 cm (height)
The material used: Pure 24 Carat Gold, Gouache and acrylic colors on Cotton Canvas