Buddhist Traditional Tea Pot | Gemstones Embedded on the Pot

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Buddhist Traditional Tea Pot

About Our Tea Pot :

The Traditional Tea Pot is skillfully handcrafted on a copper body, showcasing craftsmanship and attention to detail. The pot is not only a functional vessel for brewing tea but also a work of art. The intricate carving of auspicious symbols adds a touch of spirituality and symbolism to the design. Additionally, the gemstones embedded in the pot further enhance its visual appeal, adding a touch of elegance and luxury. Whether used for brewing tea or as a decorative item, this Traditional Tea Pot embodies the beauty and tradition of tea culture.

Introduction To The Tea Pot :

Buddhism played an important role in developing the tea culture of the Central Plains. The Tibetans, who believe in Buddhism, attach importance to tea ceremonies during Buddhist activities. They often connect tea with God. When praying to deities in temples, they take medicine, holy water, and tea with them. For Tibetans, tea implies friendship, respect, purity, and auspiciousness. Tibetans use tea in various polite formalities and customs, such as weddings, childbirth, funerals, and religious rites.
Size: 34 cm(Height) x 21 cm(Base)
Weight: 2.35 kg
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