Tibetan Iron Helmet | Battle Helmet for Display & Collection

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Tibetan Iron Helmet

About our product

Look at our Tibetan Iron Helmet, a symbol of luxury and protection. This helmet skillfully blends strength and grandeur because it is made of enduring iron and lavishly plated in 24k gold.

The work of art is a reflection of your sophisticated taste as well as a symbol of security. Whether worn as part of historical scenes and costume events or displayed as a work of art, its intricate detailing and opulent gold finish make it a statement piece.

Capitalize on our Iron Helmet to embrace the fusion of tradition and extravagance. It represents power, prestige, and a love of the finer things in life more than just as a piece of armor. With this remarkable piece, where luxury and history come together in perfect harmony, you can elevate your collection.

Size: 30cm (Height) x 20cm (Width)
Weight: 1.49 kg

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