Tibetan Green Tara Guru Sculpture | Female Bodhisattva Statue for Meditation

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Tibetan Green Tara Guru Sculpture 

About Our Statue

The Tibetan Green Tara Guru Sculpture's exquisite design and intricate detailing make it a true masterpiece. The use of high-quality acrylic paint ensures that the colors remain vibrant and long-lasting. The gold plating and semi-precious stones give the statue a royal and majestic appearance. The positioning of the statue, seated on a moon disc lotus with the palms holding lotus flowers, signifies purity and inner peace. This statue is not just a decorative piece, but a spiritual and emotional representation of peace, purity, and serenity. It can make a perfect addition to any sacred space or as a centerpiece in a peaceful home environment.

Introduction To The Green Tara :

Green Tara is one of the principal deities who deals with us confused and distracted beings, bringing us back to the original state. It helps you release hope for a particular outcome and get the energy back to yourself, generating inner peace and clarity. She is believed to be incarnate in every pious woman. Green is connected to the element of wood in the five elements. Wood element inspires rejuvenation, compassion, flexibility, and growth.

She is considered a protector who comes to our aid to relieve us of our physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering.
Size: 39cm(Height) and 26cm(Base)
Weight: 6.67 kg
How do take care of your statues?
• Place them at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.
• Make sure that the area where your statue is placed is completely free of moisture and dust.
• Place it at the highest place on your altar after being consecrated by Lama/monks. The best practice is to keep them covered inside a
glass cabinet.
• Do not use your bare hands or any objects with a rough surface to wipe the face. Directly touching with the bare hand objects can
smudge the face, leaving scratches.