Tibetan Cuff Bracelet | Adjustable for Perfect Fit

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Tibetan Cuff Bracelet

About Our Product

Embrace the Tibetan Cuff Bracelet's allure, a captivating piece meticulously crafted from genuine sterling silver. This bracelet is both stylish and versatile, with a width of 6cm and an adjustable design.

Handcrafted with precision, this cuff bracelet showcases the intricate artistry of Tibetan craftsmanship. Its design reflects the cultural richness and spiritual significance that Tibetan jewelry is known for.

The Tibetan Bracelet, whether worn loosely or snugly, allows you to express your style with ease. Its adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit for any wrist size, making it an excellent choice for personal adornment as well as gifting. With this exquisite bracelet, you can embrace the beauty of Tibetan culture and spirituality.

Size: 1cm (Height) x 6cm (Width)
Weight: 0.018 kg
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