Silver Plated Mandala Set | Himalayan Crafts | Tibetan Mandala

SKU: 26TK6MandalaB


Beautifully crafted Tibetan Mandala Art, Ritual Item

A very special 6-inch mandala set is hand-carved with amazing silver-plated details of Tibetan Buddhist symbols that surround each of the three rings of the mandala. A fun circular base, a unique elephant trunk and dragon head stand, and a turquoise stone on top of the mandala represent the finest craftsmanship of traditional Newar art.

When looking for a mandala, you need to look for the highest quality mandala you can find. Place it at the highest point of the altar shrine or meditation shrine. Providing a mandala is considered a very special way of accumulating benefits in traditional Vajrayana practice.

The Tibetan term for mandala (kyil 'Khor) means 'that which circles ('khor) about a center (kyil)'; its inner meaning is 'absorbing the essence'. The offering of Mandala is considered to be the highest level of dedication once can put forth in Buddhist ritual practice. This Mandala Set is made of silver and copper and is delightfully detailed with lovely Ashtamangala carvings.
Size: 49 cm(Height) and 19 cm(Base)
Weight: 2.240 kg