Gold Plated Serkyem Set | Buddhist Ritual Item | Plated With 24K Gold

SKU: 135TKSergem


Gold Plated Serkyem Set, The Golden Drink Offering

Our serkyem set is a silver engraved gold-plated offering set that comes in two different parts and can easily be separated. The serkyem is hand-carved with different auspicious symbols having their own symbolization. The set is finely hand-hammered to give a beautiful texture.

The serkym offering is one of the most iconic prayers to the Dharma Protectors. In essence, it is a very powerful extended offering to the Dharma Protector requesting swift assistance. As with any offering, serkym generates great merits, clears the way for what we need to accomplish, and invites the necessary resources and conditions, but does so much quicker than the usual offerings. Hence, it has become a very popular prayer and is commonly practiced by modern practitioners requesting assistance, especially in times of emergencies or dire need.


Size: 15.5cm/6" (Height), 7.5cm/2.9" (Base)
Weight:0.546 kg